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Updated: 02/08/2012

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Geoff Cotton is a presenter for corporate conferences and event host for live events, award ceremonies and exhibition presentations.

He works in English, French and German as a presenter and voice-over artist on broadcast television, radio and corporate videos.

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As a professional keynote speaker, Geoff Cotton gives a talk on presentation skills.  Presentations: Traps and Tricks™ deals with the common pitfalls in making presentations and tricks of the trade to avoid them.

Since 1987, Geoff Cotton has worked extensively as a presenter and speaker in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand.

He has anchored and presented a wide variety of live events, seminars and videos.

A former Marketing Manager, his business experience and fluency make him uniquely qualified to work in conferences, seminars and corporate videos. He is often asked to coach other speakers at conferences and events where he is the lead presenter.





"A true professional, Geoff Cotton impressed us with his attention to detail and the time that he put into rehearsing our awards ceremony.

He understood perfectly what we were looking for and delivered more than was expected.

A polished performer, he has a distinctive voice and great charm.

We will definitely use him again for future events and cannot recommend him
highly enough".

Linda Freese, Corporate Communications Executive
Arthur Andersen


"Just wanted to thank you once again for last Thursday's AIM dinner.  I've had some excellent feedback from internal clients and everyone seemed very happy.  Thanks again and hope to work with you again in the future!"

Victoria Ayriss, Event Manager
London Stock Exchange

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 - Geoff Cotton, corporate presenter & event host -


- Geoff Cotton -


 - Geoff Cotton - presenter for corporate conferences and event host for live events, award ceremonies and exhibition presentations -


His knowledge of English, French, German and Italian have enabled him to present the foreign language versions of British programmes and to anchor many international events, such as the Champions Village at the UEFA Champions League Finals in Vienna, Rome, Munich and Paris.

He has also interviewed business leaders and the public for the Congrès Européen de la Qualite and hosted the International Gaming Awards in 2009 and 2010.

In England, he has played a French scientist in the television show 'Spooks' and hosted the charity event Yellow Umbrella Day in Chiswick Park in 2007/8/9.




More information and voice-over links:

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Voicereel by Round Island

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CLICK – to see the introduction to Geoff Cotton’s talk: 'Presentations: Traps and Tricks'

Download:  Microsoft Windows Media Player

Drawing on his marketing experience, Geoff Cotton has developed a talk, Presentations: Traps and Tricks™, which he gives regularly to companies and organisations, either as a guest speaker or as part of a presentation workshop.

The talk identifies the presenting pitfalls which we fall into when making presentations; it also reveals tricks of the trade to avoid the traps and improve the delivery of the presentation.

The Presentations: Traps and Tricks™ talk can also be integrated into Presentation Workshops run by Geoff Cotton, where he gives personal tuition to groups of clients who wish to improve their presentation skills. The workshops include two video sessions -  'before and after' - with a copy of their video for each client.

 - Geoff Cotton, corporate presenter and event host for live events -  -


As a scriptwriter and freelance journalist, Geoff Cotton is well equipped to write his own scripts and those of other speakers at the same event.  He is often asked to 'polish' other speakers' scripts at the rehearsal stage.


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