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Since 1987, Geoff Cotton has worked extensively as a presenter for corporate conferences and event host for live events, award ceremonies and exhibition presentations.

He works in English, French and German as a presenter and voice-over artist on broadcast television, radio and corporate videos.  His language skills enable him to work as Master of Ceremonies for international events throughout UK, Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand.

As a moderator, facilitator and roleplayer, he is often employed by organisations to conduct presentations workshops and training exercises.

As a professional keynote speaker, Geoff Cotton gives a talk on presentation skills.  Presentations: Traps and Tricks™ deals with the common pitfalls in making presentations and tricks of the trade to avoid them.

For a detailed list of Geoff Cotton's clients and experience, see the C.V. below:



 - Geoff Cotton -

6 feet 4 inches / 1m90


13st 3lbs / 84kgs
-after pudding ;-)


Fluent English
Fluent French
Excellent German
Some Italian

 - Geoff Cotton -





  • Symantec webcast – live in French (Presenter)

  • International Gaming Awards (IGA) 2009 and 2010, London (Presenter/MC)

  • London Stock Exchange Charity Dinner, London (Compere/MC)

  • Eurosport (Broadcast TV)

  • Boston Scientific Presentations, PCR Exhibition, Paris (Presenter)

  • Department of Health, UK Roadshow (Facilitator)

  • Dedicated Micros, IFSEC 2009 Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham (Presenter)

 - Geoff Cotton, corporate presenter -

  • UEFA Champions League Final, Paris (MC)

  • European Union Interreg IV Anglo-French Event (Presenter in English and French)

  • Chiswick Park Yellow Umbrella Day 2007/8/9 (Compere)

  • ACE International Awards, 2008 (Presenter)

  • Amnesty International Arms Control UK Roadshow (Presenter)

  • Alstom Retrofit Conference 2007, Lisbon (MC/Facilitator)

  • Unilever Memorial Celebrations 2003/05 (MC)

  • Motorola North America Sales Conference 2006, San Antonio, Texas (MC/Presentation Coach)

  • Barclays Bank MB&A Branding Roadshow, London/Manchester (Presenter/Facilitator)

  • Alcon/RCO Dinner, ICC Birmingham 2005 (Compere/Performer)

  • Toshiba, Paris (Conference)

  • General Motors (Awards)

  • BASF (Conference)

  • Orange, London (Launch)

  • Tokyo City Promotion, London (Presenter)

  • Abbott Laboratories (Videos)

  • Dept of Transport (Video)

  • British Gas (Video)

  • Direct Debit Annual Payments Conference 2007, Wembley Stadium (Presenter/MC)

 - Geoff Cotton -

Geoff Cotton

  • Arthur Andersen Summer Ball, ICC Birmingham (MC)

  • UEFA Champions League Final, Vienna (MC)

  • Angels & Bermans, London (Launch)

  • UEFA Champions League Final, Rome (MC)

  • BPRO (Training seminars in English and French)

  • Dedicated Micros/DVST (Videos in French and German)

  • British Telecom Payfax, York (Video)

  • UEFA Champions League Final, Munich (MC)

  • IVCA Gold Awards Screenings (Awards)

  • Legal and General/Arthur Andersen (CD-ROM)

  • Congrès Européen de la Qualité (Video Interviewer)

  • Tivoli Systems Presentations, Network 2000 Exhibition, NEC (Presenter)

  • Guernsey Awards for Achievement, Guernsey (Presenter)

  • The Casting Couch (Theatre)

  • TSB Jersey (Conference)

  • Arthur Andersen Russian Ball (Compere)

  • Department of Health, International Establishment Workshop (Facilitator)

  • IVCA Millennium (Awards)

  • BlackBerry, Cebit 2004 Exhibition presentation in German, Hanover (Presenter)

  • Milia 2000 Exhibition, Cannes (Presenter)

  • Trebor Extra Strong Mints Internet Viral Campaign (Presenter)

  • Astra Zeneca R&D Speed & Quality Internal Radio Show (Presenter/Scriptwriter)
  • London Ambulance Service Awards 2008 (Presenter/MC)
  • Sally Salon Services Awards, Cirencester (Presenter)
  • London Stock Exchange AIM 10th Anniversary Party, London (MC/Compere)
  • Fulham FC (MC)

  • Unilever Food Solutions Conference DVD (Presenter)

  • Guernsey Awards for Achievement, Guernsey

  • TT International Training DVD (Presenter)

  • Jersey Awards for Enterprise, Jersey

  • Columbia Tristar (Awards)

  • Bal Partnership (Training Video) 

  • Frontier Awards, Cannes (Compere)

  • United Biscuits (Video)

  • Aladdin Books (Video)

  • Perfect Pizza (Conference)

  • Vanbrugh (Conference)

  • Manulife (Video)

  • Rentokil (Corporate quiz show)

  • Business Link News (CD-ROM)

  • Frontrunner Team Meeting, Manchester (Compere)

  • Pivotelli, Guernsey (Video)

  • Securicor Cash Services Conference (MC)

  • Newsrevue (Theatre)

  • Boston Scientific European Sales Meeting, Cannes (Presenter/Presentation Coach and Scriptwriter)

  • Arthur Andersen (Awards)

  • Unipart Group Pensions Introductory Video (Presenter)

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Health and Safety Video (Presenter)

  • Neways International DVD (Presenter)

  • Friends of Columbia For Social Aid (FOCSA) Spring Fiesta, London (Presenter)

  • World Travel Market Party, London (MC)

  • Chiswick Park Yellow Umbrella Day 2007 and 2008 (Compere)




'Presentations: Traps and Tricks™'



 - Geoff Cotton -


  • Eurosport (Satellite TV)

  • Swecom Reefer AB

  • Malibu

  • Cobra Cars

  • United Dominions Trust

  • Proofex 12

  • Friends Provident

  • Elf Oil

  • Chartered Building Societies Institute

  • BPRO

  • Personnel Today Awards 2000

  • General Motors/Vauxhall

  • CNBC (Cable TV commercial)

  • Benihana (Capital Radio)

  • Novartis (CD-ROM)

  • Medicom

  • Eurochallenge

  • Spirit Of The Sea

  • Tell Us A Story

  • Glow Worm

  • TSB Motor Group

  • Caravan Magazine 

  • ANC

  • Neways International DVD

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Voicereel by Round Island

CLICK - to hear Geoff Cotton's voice clip: Live Symantec webcast in French

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  • BASF (presentations and corporate videos)
  • BMG Records (corporate video)
  • Chartered Building Societies Institute (corporate video)
  • TSB Jersey (conference)
  • Columbia Tristar (conference)
  • Leaves On The Line (TV pilot)
  • Benihana Piccadilly (radio commercial - restaurant launch)
  • Angels & Bermans (product launch)
  • Department of Transport (corporate video)
  • UEFA Champions League Final, Vienna (presentation)
  • UEFA Champions League Final, Rome (presentation)
  • Perfect Pizza (conference)
  • Pivotelli (corporate video)
  • Caravan Magazine (radio commercial)
  • Astra Zeneca R&D Speed & Quality Internal Radio Show (Presenter/Scriptwriter)


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