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Updated: 02/08/2012

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Geoff Cotton is well equipped to write and 'polish' presentation scripts for his clients, using his experience as a freelance journalist and former marketing manager.

The following are some examples of his scriptwriting and journalism in the corporate and broadcast sectors:

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TSB Jersey - Annual Conference
His own script as lead presenter and polished those of fellow speakers

UEFA Champions League Finals in Vienna, Rome and Munich - Champions Village
His own script as Host/MC in English, French, German and Italian

Chartered Building Societies Institute - Corporate video
Script for Carol Vorderman, presenter

Perfect Pizza - Annual Conference
His own script as lead presenter and host of Gala evening

The Independent
Article on corporate roleplaying

Benihana Piccadilly - Launch
Radio commercial aired on Capital Radio and his own script as presenter of restaurant launch event



 - Geoff Cotton -


A former Marketing Manager, his business experience, fluency and knowledge of English, French, German and Italianmake him uniquely qualified to work in conferences, seminars and corporate videos.

Management Services
Article on Roleplay UK

Impression Magazine
Articles on: 

  • Michael Mansfield QC

  • The Beaufort Hotel

  • The Future of London

  • Purves & Purves

  • Tenball

  • Learning Golf

Pulp Fiction
Short stories: Red Rose Day, Burgled, Your Father's Son

The Onion Bag
Article: Gobsmacked

Personnel Today Awards 2000 (Awards)



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