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Updated: 03/08/2012

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Developed by keynote presenter/speaker Geoff Cotton, 'Presentations: Traps and Tricks™' is a talk for audiences composed of people who have to make business presentations and improve presentation skills.

This talk identifies the traps which we fall into when making presentations; it also reveals tricks of the trade to avoid these pitfalls and generally improve the delivery of the presentation.

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The 'Presentations: Traps and Tricks™' talk can be given in formats of 30 minutes, 1 hour or 90 minutes. Time for questions and answers can be included within these formats or added to the end of the talk.

The talk can be given as a 'stand-alone' visit from a guest speaker, or form part of a conference or a meeting.  It requires no visual or audio equipment and is interactive at several points, but no individual member of the audience is singled out.



The traps and tricks covered in the talk include:



"I have done a fair bit of training over the years but I have to say that last Wednesday was the best yet. Thanks again for a great day and please tell Geoff he was amazing"

David McAteer

- Coins Global


  • How to avoid the 'er, erm and ah' trap

  • Speaking too fast

  • Boring voices

  • Holding the audience's attention

  • Where to look

  • Flipcharts, OHP's and PowerPoint

  • Body language

  • Openers/Middles/Closers

  • How to handle difficult questions

  • … and many more.

 - Geoff Cotton -

 - Geoff Cotton -

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'Presentations: Traps and Tricks'


'Presentations: Traps and Tricks™' can also be integrated into a workshop run by Geoff Cotton, where he gives personal coaching to small groups of clients who wish to improve their presentation skills.  The workshop includes two video sessions - 'before and after' - with a copy of their video for each client at the end of their workshop.  For more information, please visit Workshops


"Anybody who has to make a presentation, whether internal or external,
whether to a few or to the masses, can learn so much in such a short space of time

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