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Updated: 03/08/2012

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As a professional speaker, Geoff Cotton can integrate his talk on Presentations: Traps and Tricks™ into workshops where he gives personal coaching to small groups of clients who wish to improve their presentation skills.

These presentation workshops include two video sessions - 'before and after' with a copy of their video for each client at the workshop.

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The Presentations: Traps and Tricks™ workshops are often structured as follows:

Session 1 - Each delegate gives a 15-20 minute presentation to video


Session 2 - Geoff Cotton gives 'Presentations: Traps and Tricks™'



Session 3 - Review of Session 1 videos


Session 4 - Each delegate repeats 15-20 minute presentation to video.



Prior to becoming a freelance presenter/host in 1987, Geoff Cotton spent several years as a marketing manager in the financial services and audio and video sectors.

This business experience has been invaluable in his corporate work and hosting of live business events.

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Geoff Cotton is often asked to coach other speakers at the conferences and events where he is the anchorman, lead presenter or keynote speaker - these coaching sessions offer his fellow speakers several benefits:

  • Improved confidence in their own presenting skills

  • Improved timing, vocal delivery and body language

  • The opportunity to rehearse their presentations with constructive feedback

Many of Geoff's fellow speakers have found that a coaching session before the event can improve their performance and reduce their nervous tension dramatically.

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